End of the year thoughts

2020 is at its end. Normally, I’m a little nostalgic and almost sad to see a year pass. But this year’s fetid pile of stinking trash of a year is different. I am certainly glad to see it die. I wish I could send it off in a louder, more explosive bang, like standing at... Continue Reading →

Slán, 2020

Slán is the Irish word for Good-bye. The moon is 0% illumination, and for me, that means it is the dark moon. The dark moon is a good time for rest and reflection. I like to think of it as the calm, still water before a pebble is thrown that causes ripples, but you can... Continue Reading →

Meditation musings

I'm sitting, listening to some wind chimes, though I don't think it's mine I hear. There are some crows, letting everyone know they are there, and that something might be up. Food, perhaps, or a cat. I can hear the wind too, and not just from the chimes, but that soft whistling sound. I smell... Continue Reading →

Internal Sacred Space

I have anxiety and have panic attacks. Terrible anxiety at times- so bad that at least once I’ve ended up going to the emergency room with panic so bad I thought I was having a heart attack. I was prescribed Ativan at the time, and while a very nice calming drug, I’m also aware of... Continue Reading →

Checking in with yourself

Between quarantine, and having kids home, and now summer "vacation", I've been thinking about my daily routine, and how it's been a struggle to maintain, or revamp in the past few months. Routine is important- it affects your mental health, your emotional well-being, as well as increases your performance and energy.  It gives us needed... Continue Reading →

January’s Dark Moon offering

January's dark moon offering was inspired by Badb and the Washer at the Ford. I tried to keep it simple, having some fun with the water and the grass, though the main focus is the blood from the garments washed. Someday I think I'd like to redo this one, once I learn how to capture... Continue Reading →

December’s Dark Moon

I realized I hadn't posted any of the dark moon pieces between November and February. I could've sworn I did! So December's piece was simple- a dark feather on green grass. Entitled Omen, I was thinking of the Morrgian's peace poem- specifically the line Earth below Sky, and during my meditations, I saw this feather.... Continue Reading →

Dark Moon February

I completely forgot to update for February's dark moon- I've been super busy and I swear, the dark moon just crept up on me. My kids were also home that week for vacation and I lose any sense of time during kid vacations. In preparation for Morrigan's Call retreat, I was helping plan the activities... Continue Reading →

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